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Loomis, H. F. (1943). New cave and epigean millipeds of the United States, with notes on some estabished species. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, 92(7): 371-410. Cambridge, Mass., U. S. A.
Loomis, H. F.
New cave and epigean millipeds of the United States, with notes on some estabished species
Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology
92(7): 371-410. Cambridge, Mass., U. S. A.
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Antriadesmus Loomis, 1943 accepted as Chaetaspis Bollman, 1887 (original description)
Antriadesmus fragilis Loomis, 1943 accepted as Chaetaspis fragilis (Loomis, 1943) (original description)
Arctobolus dolleyi Loomis, 1943 (original description)
Brachycybe petasata Loomis, 1936 (additional source)
Brachydesmus pallidus Loomis, 1939 accepted as Brachydesmus superus Latzel, 1884 (additional source)
Cambala cristula Loomis, 1938 accepted as Cambala annulata (Say, 1821) (additional source)
Choctella cumminsi Chamberlin, 1918 (additional source)
Cleidogona sayana Bollman, 1893 (additional source)
Conotyla humerosa Loomis, 1943 accepted as Plumatyla humerosa (Loomis, 1943) (original description)
Conotyla montivaga Loomis, 1943 accepted as Austrotyla montivaga (Loomis, 1943) (original description)
Conotyla specus Loomis, 1939 accepted as Austrotyla specus (Loomis, 1939) (additional source)
Conotyla vaga Loomis, 1939 (additional source)
Dearolfia lusciosa Loomis, 1939 accepted as Pseudotremia lusciosa (Loomis, 1939) (additional source)
Desmoniella Loomis, 1943 (original description)
Desmoniella curta Loomis, 1943 accepted as Desmonus curtus (Loomis, 1943) (original description)
Desmoniella curtus Loomis, 1943 accepted as Desmonus curtus (Loomis, 1943) (original description)
Euryurus australis Bollman, 1889 (additional source)
Euryurus falcipes Loomis, 1943 (original description)
Fontaria brunnea Bollman, 1887 accepted as Zinaria brunnea (Bollman, 1887) (status source)
Fontaria rileyi Bollman, 1888 accepted as Cleptoria rileyi (Bollman, 1888) (additional source)
Julus marginatus Say, 1821 accepted as Spirobolus marginatus (Say, 1821) (additional source)
Octoglena bivirgatum(recte:-ta) Wood, 1864 (additional source)
Pachydesmus retrorsus Chamberlin, 1921 (additional source)
Polydesmus branneri Bollman, 1887 accepted as Dixidesmus branneri (Bollman, 1887) (additional source)
Polydesmus erasus Loomis, 1943 accepted as Pseudopolydesmus erasus (Loomis, 1943) (original description)
Polydesmus erythropygus Brandt, 1839 accepted as Euryurus erythropygus (Brandt, 1839) (additional source)
Pseudotremia cavernarum Cope, 1869 (additional source)
Pseudotremia fulgida Loomis, 1943 (original description)
Pseudotremia nodosa Loomis, 1939 (additional source)
Pseudotremia princeps Loomis, 1939 (additional source)
Pseudotremia valga Loomis, 1943 (original description)
Scoterpes austrinus Loomis, 1943 (original description)
Scoterpes dendropus Loomis, 1939 accepted as Causeyella dendropus (Loomis, 1939) (additional source)
Spirobolus dolleyi Loomis, 1943 accepted as Narceus americanus (Palisot de Beauvouis, 1817) (original description)
Spirobolus spinigerus Wood, 1864 accepted as Chicobolus spinigerus (Wood, 1864) (new combination reference)
Spirostrephon copei Packard, 1871 accepted as Scoterpes copei (Packard, 1871) (additional source)
Spirostrephon magnum Loomis, 1943 accepted as Abacion magnum (Loomis, 1943) (original description)
Tingupa pallida Loomis, 1939 (additional source)
Titsona sima Chamberlin, 1912 (additional source)
Trichomeris Loomis, 1943 accepted as Onomeris Cook, 1896 (original description)
Trichomeris sinuata Loomis, 1943 accepted as Onomeris sinuata (Loomis, 1943) (original description)
Zosteractis Loomis, 1943 (original description)
Zosteractis interminata Loomis, 1943 (original description)
Zygonopus whitei Ryder, 1881 accepted as Trichopetalum whitei (Ryder, 1881) (additional source)
Alabama for Polydesmus erasus Loomis, 1943 
Alabama for Trichomeris sinuata Loomis, 1943 
California for Conotyla humerosa Loomis, 1943 
Florida for Euryurus falcipes Loomis, 1943 
Mississippi for Arctobolus dolleyi Loomis, 1943 
North America for Conotyla montivaga Loomis, 1943 
North America for Scoterpes austrinus Loomis, 1943 
United States for Antriadesmus fragilis Loomis, 1943 
United States for Desmoniella curtus Loomis, 1943 
United States for Pseudotremia valga Loomis, 1943 
United States for Spirostrephon magnum Loomis, 1943 
United States for Zosteractis interminata Loomis, 1943 
West Virginia for Pseudotremia fulgida Loomis, 1943 
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