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Jeekel, C. A. W. (1971). Nomenclator generum et familiarum Diplopodorum: A list of the genus and family-group names in the Class Diplopoda from the 10th edition of Linnaeus, 1758, to the end of 1957. Monografieen van de Nederlandse Entomologische Vereniging, 5: 1-412. Amsterdam
Jeekel, C. A. W.
Nomenclator generum et familiarum Diplopodorum: A list of the genus and family-group names in the Class Diplopoda from the 10th edition of Linnaeus, 1758, to the end of 1957
Monografieen van de Nederlandse Entomologische Vereniging
5: 1-412. Amsterdam
CIM-ID: 1686
Myr-ID: 1928
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Abacion tesselatum Rafinesque, 1820 (source of synonymy)
Abatodesmus Silvestri, 1903 (additional source)
Acanthiulus murrayi Pocock, 1893 accepted as Acanthiulus blainvillei (Leguillou, 1841) (source of synonymy)
Acanthiulus tuberculosus Porat, 1894 accepted as Lemostreptus tuberculosus (Porat, 1894) (additional source)
Acanthodesmus Peters, 1864 (basis of record)
Acanthotarsius Verhoeff, 1931 accepted as Acanthotarsius Attems, 1940 (basis of record)
Acentronus minor Chamberlin, 1943 accepted as Rhysodesmus minor (Chamberlin, 1943) (source of synonymy)
Aceratophallus Carl, 1902 (basis of record)
Aceratophallus unicolor Carl, 1902 (source of synonymy)
Acherosoma Verhoeff, 1929 accepted as Haasia Bollman, 1893 (basis of record)
Acherosoma tridentis Verhoeff, 1931 accepted as Haasia tridentis (Verhoeff, 1931) (source of synonymy)
Achromoporus coloratus Loomis, 1936 (source of synonymy)
Acipes atlanticus Attems, 1937 (source of synonymy)
Acrochordum flagellatum Attems, 1899 (source of synonymy)
Adelobolus simplex Verhoeff, 1924 accepted as Acladocricus simplex (Verhoeff, 1924) (source of synonymy)
Adenomerinae Verhoeff, 1912 (additional source)
Adenomeris hispida Ribaut, 1909 (source of synonymy)
Adontodesmus tricuspidatus Silvestri, 1897 accepted as Coromus tricuspidatus (Peters, 1864) (source of synonymy)
Aetheandra multiplex Loomis, 1934 (source of synonymy)
Aethiopistreptus Verhoeff, 1938 accepted as Archispirostreptus Silvestri, 1895 (additional source)
Aethiopistreptus attemsii Verhoeff, 1938 accepted as Archispirostreptus gigas (Peters, 1855) (source of synonymy)
Afrodesmus nimbanus Schubart, 1955 accepted as Campodesmus nimbanus (Schubart, 1955) (source of synonymy)
Agastrophus anguinus Attems, 1900 accepted as Hypocambala anguina (Attems, 1900) (source of synonymy)
Agathodesmus Silvestri, 1910 (additional source)
Agathodesmus steeli Silvestri, 1910 (source of synonymy)
Agenodesmus reticulatus Loomis, 1934 (source of synonymy)
Agnesia nodulipes Attems, 1953 accepted as Tylopus nodulipes (Attems, 1953) (source of synonymy)
Aigon rodocki Chamberlin, 1949 (source of synonymy)
Ainigmabolus chisholmi Verhoeff, 1937 (source of synonymy)
Aipotropis atopus Chamberlin, 1920 (source of synonymy)
Aklerobunus collinus Attems, 1931 (source of synonymy)
Akreiodesmus Carl, 1932 accepted as Akreiodesmus Attems, 1940 (basis of record)
Akreiodesmus minutus Carl, 1932 [Akreiodesmus Carl, 1932] accepted as Akreiodesmus minutus Carl, 1932 (source of synonymy)
Akribosoma cylindricum Carl, 1935 accepted as Anoplodesmus cylindricus (Carl, 1935) (source of synonymy)
Alakene simplex Chamberlin, 1941 (additional source)
Albanoglomus ljubetense Attems, 1926 accepted as Albanoglomus ljubetensis Attems, 1926 accepted as Typhloglomeris ljubetensis (Attems, 1929) (source of synonymy)
Alcimobolus angustipes Loomis, 1936 accepted as Alcimobolus domingensis (Humbert & De Saussure, 1872) (source of synonymy)
Aliulus carrollus Causey, 1950 (source of synonymy)
Allajulus molybdinus (Koch, C. L., 1847) (source of synonymy)
Allajulus salvadorii Silvestri, 1896 accepted as Heteroiulus intermedius (Brölemann, 1892) (source of synonymy)
Allarithmus Attems, 1933 (additional source)
Allarithmus parvulus Attems, 1933 (source of synonymy)
Allawrencius Verhoeff, 1939 (additional source)
Allochordeuma Rothenbühler, 1900 accepted as Orthochordeumella Verhoeff, 1900 (basis of record)
Allographis annandalei Silvestri, 1948 accepted as Monographis annandalei (Silvestri, 1948) (source of synonymy)
Alloiopus solitarius Attems, 1951 (source of synonymy)
Alloporus Porat, 1872 accepted as Plusioporus Silvestri, 1895 (additional source)
Alloporus americanus Silvestri, 1895 accepted as Orthoporus americanus (Silvestri, 1895) (additional source)
Alloporus carinulatus Attems, 1950 accepted as Plusioporus carinulatus (Attems, 1950) (additional source)
Alloporus dissimilis Porat, 1872 (additional source)
Alloproctoides remyi Marquet & Condé, 1950 (source of synonymy)
Alloproctus Silvestri, 1948 accepted as Lophoturus Brölemann, 1931 (basis of record)
Alloproctus guineensis Silvestri, 1948 accepted as Alloproctinus guineensis (Silvestri, 1948) accepted as Lophoturus guineensis (Silvestri, 1948) (source of synonymy)
Alocodesmus Silvestri, 1896 (taxonomy source)
Alocodesmus alatus Carl, 1914 accepted as Carlopeltis alatus (Carl, 1914) (source of synonymy)
Alocodesmus angustatus Silvestri, 1896 (source of synonymy)
Alocodesmus dentatus Attems, 1931 accepted as Biporodesmus dentatus (Attems, 1931) (source of synonymy)
Alocodesmus nitidus Attems, 1931 accepted as Guayapeltis nitidus (Attems, 1931) accepted as Guayapeltis ortonedae (Silvestri, 1898) (source of synonymy)
Alogolykus gracilis Attems, 1936 (source of synonymy)
Alogostreptus Attems, 1950 accepted as Urostreptus Silvestri, 1897 (additional source)
Alogostreptus nattereri Attems, 1950 accepted as Urostreptus cultratus (Humbert & Saussure, 1870) (additional source)
Amastigogonus tasmanianus Brölemann, 1913 accepted as Amastigogonus tasmanianus (Brölemann, 1913) (source of synonymy)
Amblybolus mitis Cook, 1896 (source of synonymy)
Amblyiulus adsharicus Lohmander, 1936 accepted as Heteropachyiulus adsharicus (Lohmander, 1936) (source of synonymy)
Amblyiulus astrabadensis (Lohmander, 1932) accepted as Syrioiulus astrabadensis (Lohmander, 1932) (source of synonymy)
Ammodesmus granum Cook, 1896 (source of synonymy)
Ampelodesmus granulosus Miyosi, 1956 (source of synonymy)
Amphipeltis Carl, 1914 accepted as Dyoparyphe Hoffman, 1969 (basis of record)
Amplaria eutypa Chamberlin, 1941 accepted as Striaria eutypa (Chamberlin, 1941) (source of synonymy)
Amplinus orphnius Chamberlin, 1922 (source of synonymy)
Amsteinella Strand, 1928 accepted as Proteroiulus Silvestri, 1897 (basis of record)
Amsteinia Verhoeff, 1911 accepted as Proteroiulus Silvestri, 1897 (basis of record)
Amurus drepanopus Attems, 1909 (source of synonymy)
Amydrinus pongus Chamberlin, 1941 accepted as Pycnotropis tida (Chamberlin, 1941) (source of synonymy)
Amynticodesmus prelli Silvestri, 1911 (source of synonymy)
Anakamptopus Verhoeff, 1940 accepted as Ulodesmus Cook, 1897 (basis of record)
Analocostreptus Silvestri, 1910 (additional source)
Anartiodesmus myrmophilus Silvestri, 1947 (source of synonymy)
Anastreptus Cook, 1896 (additional source)
Anaulaciulus paludicola Pocock, 1895 (source of synonymy)
Anaulacodesmus Attems, 1898 (additional source)
Ancholeptodesmus Brölemann, 1919 (additional source)
Ancholeptodesmus alticola Brölemann, 1919 (source of synonymy)
Ancistroxenus tupiensis Schubart, 1947 accepted as Ancistroxenus comans (Loomis, 1934) (additional source)
Ancylochetus Attems, 1931 (additional source)
Ancylochetus signatus Attems, 1931 (source of synonymy)
Andenostreptus Verhoeff, 1941 accepted as Anethoporus Chamberlin, 1918 (additional source)
Andineptus Chamberlin, 1941 accepted as Orthoporus Silvestri, 1897 (additional source)
Andineptus apheles Chamberlin, 1941 accepted as Orthoporus apheles (Chamberlin, 1941) (additional source)
Andocricus harae Chamberlin, 1955 (source of synonymy)
Andrognathus corticarius Cope, 1869 (source of synonymy)
Anelus reduncus Cook, 1911 (source of synonymy)
Anethoporus Chamberlin, 1918 (additional source)
Anethoporus clarki Chamberlin, 1918 (additional source)
Aneumeritius Verhoeff, 1931 accepted as Acanthotarsius Attems, 1940 (basis of record)
Anfractogon tenebrans Chamberlin & Hoffman, 1958 accepted as Brachoria ochra (Chamberlin, 1918) (source of synonymy)
Angustinus Attems, 1898 accepted as Polylepis Bollman, 1893 (basis of record)
Anisodesmus Cook, 1895 (additional source)
Anisodesmus cerasinus Cook, 1895 (source of synonymy)
Aniulus adelphus Chamberlin, 1940 (source of synonymy)
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