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Amblyiulus Silvestri, 1896

105485  (

Julus barroisi Porat, 1893 (type by original designation)
Species Amblyiulus aphroditae (Attems, 1902)
Species Amblyiulus barroisi (Porat, 1893)
Species Amblyiulus cappadocius Lohmander, 1939
Species Amblyiulus cedrophilus Attems, 1926
Species Amblyiulus creticus (Verhoeff, 1901)
Species Amblyiulus cyprius (Brölemann, 1896)
Species Amblyiulus discolor Lohmander, 1932
Species Amblyiulus domesticus Attems, 1926
Species Amblyiulus evansi (Brölemann, 1922)
Species Amblyiulus festae (Silvestri, 1895)
Species Amblyiulus georgicus Lohmander, 1932
Species Amblyiulus incarnatus Lohmander, 1932
Species Amblyiulus kosswigi Verhoeff, 1943
Species Amblyiulus kosswigii Verhoeff, 1943
Species Amblyiulus kovali Golovatch, 2008
Species Amblyiulus lobatus (Verhoeff, 1937)
Species Amblyiulus obscurus (Attems, 1902)
Species Amblyiulus persicus Golovatch, 1983
Species Amblyiulus polyzonus Attems, 1926
Species Amblyiulus runatus Golovatch, 1979
Species Amblyiulus sporadensis (Verhoeff, 1901)
Species Amblyiulus taliscius Attems, 1927
Species Amblyiulus trichopygus (Attems, 1932)
Species Amblyiulus zarudnyi Lohmander, 1932

Species Amblyiulus adsharicus Lohmander, 1936 accepted as Heteropachyiulus adsharicus (Lohmander, 1936)
Species Amblyiulus aharonii (Verhoeff, 1914) accepted as Syrioiulus aharonii (Verhoeff, 1914)
Species Amblyiulus astrabadensis (Lohmander, 1932) accepted as Syrioiulus astrabadensis (Lohmander, 1932)
Species Amblyiulus clavatus Verhoeff, 1923 accepted as Dolichoiulus clavatus Verhoeff, 1923
Species Amblyiulus continentalis (Attems, 1903) accepted as Syrioiulus continentalis (Attems, 1903)
Species Amblyiulus genezarethanus (Verhoeff, 1923) accepted as Dolichiulus genezarethanus Verhoeff, 1923
Species Amblyiulus posthirsutus (Verhoeff, 1923) accepted as Pachyiulus posthirsutus Verhoeff, 1923 accepted as Iudaeoiulus posthirsutus (Verhoeff, 1923)
Species Amblyiulus rehobotensis (Verhoeff, 1914) accepted as Dolichiulus domesticus (Attems, 1909)
Species Amblyiulus sinaimontis (Verhoeff, 1901) accepted as Pachyiulus sinaimontis Verhoeff, 1900 accepted as Mesoiulus sinaimontis (Verhoeff, 1900)
Species Amblyiulus taliscus Attems, 1927 accepted as Amblyiulus taliscius Attems, 1927
Species Amblyiulus tongiorgii Strasser, 1973 accepted as Dolichoiulus tongiorgii (Strasser, 1973) (basionym)
marine, terrestrial
Silvestri, F. (1896). I Diplopodi. Parte I. - Sistematica. Annali del Museo civico di storia naturale di Genova, serie 2, 16: 121-254, available online at
page(s): 178 [details]   
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original description Silvestri, F. (1896). I Diplopodi. Parte I. - Sistematica. Annali del Museo civico di storia naturale di Genova, serie 2, 16: 121-254, available online at
page(s): 178 [details]   

basis of record Minelli, A. (2001). Chilopoda and Diplopoda, <B><I>in</I></B>: Costello, M.J. <i>et al.</i> (Ed.) (2001). <i>European register of marine species: a check-list of the marine species in Europe and a bibliography of guides to their identification. Collection Patrimoines Naturels,</i> 50: pp. 323 (look up in IMIS[details]   

additional source Neave, Sheffield Airey. (1939-1996). Nomenclator Zoologicus vol. 1-10 Online. [developed by uBio, hosted online at MBLWHOI Library]., available online at [details]   
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