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MilliBase taxon details

Trachygonidae Cook, 1896

888794  (

Subfamily Acrochordinae Verhoeff, 1913
Genus Acrochordum Attems, 1899
Genus Halleinosoma Verhoeff, 1913
Genus Trachygona Cook, 1895

Genus Gottscheeosoma Verhoeff, 1927 accepted as Acrochordum Attems, 1899 (junior subjective synonym)
Genus Heteracrochordum Loksa, 1960 accepted as Acrochordum Attems, 1899
Genus Trachysoma Attems, 1894 accepted as Trachygona Cook, 1895 (preoccupied in fossil Crustacea and Coleoptera)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
Sierwald, P.; Spelda, J. (2023). MilliBase. Trachygonidae Cook, 1896. Accessed at: on 2023-09-29
2016-11-03 08:23:38Z

additional source Kime, R. D.; Enghoff, H. (2021). Atlas of European millipedes 3: Order Chordeumatida (Class Diplopoda). <em>European Journal of Taxonomy.</em> 769: 1-244., available online at
page(s): 135; note: Endemic to a small area extending from Switzerland to Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia. Three genera, five species. [details]   
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