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Kato, T.; Nakano, T. (2023). Redescription of the Subterranean Millipede Antrokoreana gujoensis (Diplopoda: Julida: Nemasomatidae) from Central Honshu, Japan. Species Diversity. 28(1): 133-140.
10.12782/specdiv.28.133 [view]
Kato, T.; Nakano, T.
Redescription of the Subterranean Millipede <i>Antrokoreana gujoensis</i> (Diplopoda: Julida: Nemasomatidae) from Central Honshu, Japan
Species Diversity
28(1): 133-140
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A subterranean millipede species, Antrokoreana gujoensis Masuda, 2010, is redescribed based on specimens newly collected around its type locality, in the limestone area of Mino Terrane on Honshu Island, Japan. Males of A. gujoensis were originally described as having no penes, but nonetheless, the examined specimens clearly demonstrate that this species possesses the penes behind leg-pair 2. An emended diagnosis of this species and a key to all eight currently recognized species of Antrokoreana is provided
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Antrokoreana Verhoeff, 1938 (additional source)
Antrokoreana gujoensis Masuda, 2010 (additional source)
Nemasomatidae Bollman, 1893 (additional source)
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