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Francisco, A.; Fontanetti, C. S. (2015). Diplopods and Agrochemicals—a Review. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution. 226(3).
10.1007/s11270-015-2346-1 [view]
Francisco, A.; Fontanetti, C. S.
Diplopods and Agrochemicals—a Review
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution
CIM-ID: 17054
Diplopods play an important role in the nutrients cycling and soil aeration, keeping the soil healthy and productive, integrating a beneficial macrofauna that may be liable to the action of chemicals applied in order to control and eliminate other organisms considered harmful to crops. However, diplopods can also become the target of these pesticides when they occur in large populations that invade urban areas and damage home gardens and commercial plantations. Given the fine line that makes diplopods be considered ecologically beneficial or economically troublesome, this study aims to review the action of different pesticides on these organisms, both when they are mere scapegoats and when they are the villains. Given these data, it lastly discussed the feasibility of using chemical control methods.
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