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Cook, O. F. (1904). Myriapoda of northwestern North America. Harriman Expedition 8 Insects. Pt. 1: 47–82.
Cook, O. F.
Myriapoda of northwestern North America
Harriman Expedition 8 Insects
Pt. 1: 47–82
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Arctobolus Cook, 1904 accepted as Narceus Rafinesque, 1820 (original description)
Arctobolus onondaga Cook, 1904 (original description)
Chonaphe Cook, 1904 (original description)
Craspedosoma atrolineata Bollman, 1887 accepted as Brunsonia atrolineata (Bollman, 1887) (new combination reference)
Harpaphe Cook, 1904 (original description)
Hybaphe Cook, 1904 accepted as Isaphe Cook, 1904 (original description)
Hybaphe curtipes Cook, 1904 (original description)
Hybaphe tersa Cook, 1904 accepted as Isaphe tersa (Cook, 1904) (original description)
Hypozonium Cook, 1904 accepted as Octoglena Wood, 1864 (original description)
Hypozonium anura Cook, 1904 accepted as Octoglena anura (Cook, 1904) (original description)
Hypozonium anurum Cook, 1904 accepted as Hypozonium anura Cook, 1904 accepted as Octoglena anura (Cook, 1904) (original description)
Isaphe Cook, 1904 (original description)
Isaphe convexa Cook, 1904 (original description)
Iulus furcifer Harger, 1872 accepted as Bollmaniulus furcifer (Harger, 1872) (additional source)
Melaphe Cook, 1904 (original description)
Onychelus Cook, 1904 accepted as Atopetholus Chamberlin, 1918 (original description)
Onychelus obustus Cook, 1904 (original description)
Parajulus alaskanus Cook, 1905 accepted as Litiulus alaskanus (Cook, 1905) (original description)
Polydesmus armata Harger, 1872 accepted as Chonaphe armata (Harger, 1872) (new combination reference)
Polydesmus cerasinus Wood, 1864 accepted as Nearctodesmus cerasinus (Wood, 1864) (additional source)
Polydesmus eruca Wood, 1864 accepted as Chonaphe eruca (Wood, 1864) (additional source)
Polydesmus furcifer Karsch, 1881 (new combination reference)
Polydesmus intaminatus Karsch, 1881 accepted as Harpaphe intaminatus (Karsch, 1881) (additional source)
Rhexenor annularis Rafinesque, 1820 accepted as Narceus annularis (Rafinesque, 1820) (source of synonymy)
Spirobolus hebes Bollman, 1887 accepted as Hiltonius hebes (Bollman, 1887) (additional source)
Spirobolus uncigerus Wood, 1864 accepted as Tylobolus uncigerus (Wood, 1864) (new combination reference)
Trichopetalum glomerata Harger, 1872 accepted as Taiyutyla glomerata (Harger, 1872) (additional source)
Tylobolus Cook, 1904 (original description)
Tylobolus deses deses Cook, 1904 (original description)
Xystocheir Cook, 1904 (original description)
Xystocheir acuta Cook, 1904 (original description)
Xystocheir obtusa Cook, 1904 (original description)
Alaska for Hybaphe curtipes Cook, 1904 
Alaska for Hybaphe tersa Cook, 1904 
Alaska for Isaphe convexa Cook, 1904 
Alaska for Parajulus alaskanus Cook, 1905 
Alaska for Xystocheir acuta Cook, 1904 
United States for Arctobolus onondaga Cook, 1904 
United States for Hypozonium anurum Cook, 1904 
United States for Onychelus obustus Cook, 1904 
United States for Xystocheir obtusa Cook, 1904 
Washington (State) for Hypozonium anura Cook, 1904 
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