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Loomis, H. F. (1939). The millipeds collected in Appalachian caves by Mr. Kenneth Dearolf. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, 86(4): 165-193. Cambridge, Mass., U. S. A.
Loomis, H. F.
The millipeds collected in Appalachian caves by Mr. Kenneth Dearolf
Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology
86(4): 165-193. Cambridge, Mass., U. S. A.
CIM-ID: 8227
Myr-ID: 2324
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Brachydesmus pallidus Loomis, 1939 accepted as Brachydesmus superus Latzel, 1884 (original description)
Chaetaspis albus Bollman, 1887 (additional source)
Conotyla specus Loomis, 1939 accepted as Austrotyla specus (Loomis, 1939) (original description)
Conotyla vaga Loomis, 1939 accepted as Conotyla blakei (Verhoeff, 1932) (original description)
Dearolfia Loomis, 1939 accepted as Pseudotremia Cope, 1869 (original description)
Dearolfia lusciosa Loomis, 1939 accepted as Pseudotremia lusciosa (Loomis, 1939) (original description)
Pseudotremia eburnea Loomis, 1939 (original description)
Pseudotremia nodosa Loomis, 1939 (original description)
Pseudotremia princeps Loomis, 1939 (original description)
Pseudotremia simulans Loomis, 1939 (original description)
Pseudotremia sodalis Loomis, 1939 accepted as Pseudotremia carterensis Packard, 1883 (original description)
Pseudotremia tuberculata Loomis, 1939 (original description)
Scoterpes dendropus Loomis, 1939 accepted as Causeyella dendropus (Loomis, 1939) (original description)
Speodesmus Loomis, 1939 (original description)
Speodesmus echinourus Loomis, 1939 (original description)
Spirostrephon copei Packard, 1871 accepted as Scoterpes copei (Packard, 1871) (new combination reference)
Tingupa Chamberlin, 1910 (additional source)
Tingupa pallida Loomis, 1939 (original description)
Tingupidae Loomis, 1966 (additional source)
Zygonopus whitei Ryder, 1881 (additional source)
Georgia (US State) for Pseudotremia eburnea Loomis, 1939 
Kentucky for Pseudotremia sodalis Loomis, 1939 
Missouri for Conotyla specus Loomis, 1939 
Missouri for Scoterpes dendropus Loomis, 1939 
Missouri for Tingupa pallida Loomis, 1939 
Pennsylvania for Conotyla vaga Loomis, 1939 
Tennessee for Pseudotremia nodosa Loomis, 1939 
Texas for Speodesmus echinourus Loomis, 1939 
Virginia for Pseudotremia tuberculata Loomis, 1939 
West Virginia for Brachydesmus pallidus Loomis, 1939  (origin: alien)
West Virginia for Dearolfia lusciosa Loomis, 1939 
West Virginia for Pseudotremia princeps Loomis, 1939 
West Virginia for Pseudotremia simulans Loomis, 1939 
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