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Faës, H. (1902). Myriopodes du Valais. Revue suisse de zoologie, 10: 31-164. Genéve.
Faës, H.
Myriopodes du Valais
Revue suisse de zoologie
10: 31-164. Genéve.
CIM-ID: 4660
Myr-ID: 1188
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Atractosoma helveticum Verhoeff, 1894 accepted as Bomogona helvetica (Verhoeff, 1894) (source of synonymy)
Atractosoma helveticum dentatum Faës, 1902 accepted as Bomogona helvetica (Verhoeff, 1894) (original description)
Atractosoma nivale Faës, 1902 accepted as Oroposoma nivale (Faës, 1902) (additional source)
Atractosoma valesiacum Faës, 1902 accepted as Janetschekella valesiaca (Faës, 1902) (original description)
Brachydesmus superus Latzel, 1884 (additional source)
Chordeuma nodulosum Verhoeff, 1894 (additional source)
Chordeuma pallidum Rothenbühler, 1899 accepted as Orthochordeumella pallida (Rothenbühler, 1899) (additional source)
Chordeuma silvestre C. L. Koch, 1847 accepted as Chordeuma sylvestre C. L. Koch, 1847 (additional source)
Craspedosoma blanci Faës, 1902 accepted as Helvetiosoma blanci (Faës, 1902) (additional source)
Craspedosoma ornatum Faës, 1902 accepted as Trimerophorella ornata (Faës, 1902) (original description)
Julus complanatus Linnaeus, 1761 accepted as Polydesmus complanatus (Linnaeus, 1761) (additional source)
Julus odieri Brölemann, 1896 accepted as Leptoiulus helveticus (Verhoeff, 1894) (source of synonymy)
Polydesmus coriaceus Porat, 1870 (additional source)
Polydesmus denticulatus C. L. Koch, 1847 (additional source)
Polydesmus dufouri Faës, 1902 accepted as Polydesmus brevimanus Brölemann, 1892 (additional source)
Polydesmus germanicus Verhoeff, 1896 accepted as Propolydesmus germanicus (Verhoeff, 1896) (additional source)
Polydesmus helveticus Verhoeff, 1894 accepted as Propolydesmus helveticus (Verhoeff, 1894) (additional source)
Polydesmus subinteger Latzel, 1883 accepted as Propolydesmus testaceus (C. L. Koch, 1847) (additional source)
Polydesmus subulifer Brölemann, 1892 (additional source)
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