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Demange, J.-M. (1981). Spirostreptida, Harpagophoridae (Myriapoda - Diplopoda) de Sri Lanka. Entomologica scandinavica, Supplement, 11: 63-80. Copenhagen
Demange, J.-M.
Spirostreptida, Harpagophoridae (Myriapoda - Diplopoda) de Sri Lanka
Entomologica scandinavica, Supplement
11: 63-80. Copenhagen
CIM-ID: 7864
Myr-ID: 947
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Carlogonus Demange, 1961 (identification resource)
Carlogonus acifer Demange, 1977 (additional source)
Carlogonus chowdaiahi Demange, 1977 (additional source)
Carlogonus exaratus (Attems, 1936) (additional source)
Carlogonus palmatus Demange, 1977 (identification resource)
Carlogonus robustior (Attems, 1936) (additional source)
Carlogonus subvalidus (Carl, 1941) (additional source)
Carlogonus verhoeffi Demange, 1982 (original description)
Harpurostreptus attemsi Carl, 1941 (additional source)
Harpurostreptus krausi Demange, 1962 (additional source)
Humbertostreptus jucundus (Demange, 1961) accepted as Balustreptus jucundus (Demange, 1961) (additional source)
Indiothauma jonesi Verhoeff, 1938 accepted as Harpurostreptus jonesi (Verhoeff, 1938) (additional source)
Junceustreptus jucundus Demange, 1961 accepted as Balustreptus jucundus (Demange, 1961) (additional source)
Ktenostreptus anderssoni Demange, 1981 (original description)
Ktenostreptus annulipes Attems, 1909 (additional source)
Ktenostreptus costulatus Attems, 1914 (additional source)
Ktenostreptus rugulosus Attems, 1936 (additional source)
Leptostreptus fuscus Attems, 1936 (additional source)
Spirostreptus caudiculatus Karsch, 1881 accepted as Leptostreptus caudiculatus (Karsch, 1881) (additional source)
Spirostreptus lankaensis Humbert, 1865 accepted as Ktenostreptus lankaensis (Humbert, 1865) (additional source)
Spirostreptus melinopus Attems, 1897 accepted as Cystogonopus melinopus (Attems, 1897) (new combination reference)
Spirostreptus segmentatus Voges, 1878 accepted as Spissustreptus segmentatus (Voges, 1878) (new combination reference)
Spirostreptus stenorhynchus Pocock, 1893 accepted as Stenurostreptus stenorhynchus (Pocock, 1893) (additional source)
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