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Attems, C. M. T. Graf von (1944). Neue Polydesmoidea. Zoologischer Anzeiger, 144(11-12): 223-251. Leipzig
Attems, C. M. T. Graf von
Neue Polydesmoidea
Zoologischer Anzeiger
144(11-12): 223-251. Leipzig
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Antichiropus pustulosus Attems, 1944 accepted as Haplochiropus pustulosus (Attems, 1944) (original description)
Australiosoma castaneum Attems, 1944 accepted as Somethus castaneus (Attems, 1944) (original description)
Australiosoma castaneum castaneum Attems, 1944 accepted as Oncocladosoma castaneum castaneum (Attems, 1944) accepted as Somethus castaneus (Attems, 1944) (original description)
Dysthymus uganonus Attems, 1944 accepted as Aklerobunus uganonus (Attems, 1944) (original description)
Dysthymus uganonus uganonus Attems, 1944 accepted as Aklerobunus uganonus uganonus (Attems, 1944) (original description)
Eviulisoma graueri Attems, 1944 (original description)
Gnomeskelus (Gnomeskelus) repandus Attems, 1926 (additional source)
Gnomeskelus bacillifer Attems, 1944 accepted as Gnomeskelus (Gnomeskelus) bacillifer Attems, 1944 (original description)
Gnomeskelus mixtus Attems, 1944 accepted as Gnomeskelus (Gnomeskelus) mixtus Attems, 1944 (original description)
Habrodesmus alacer Attems, 1944 accepted as Iulidesmus alacer (Attems, 1944) (original description)
Habrodesmus inexpectatus Attems, 1944 accepted as Geniculodesmus inexpectatus (Attems, 1944) (original description)
Habrodesmus niger semiflavus Attems, 1944 (original description)
Habrodesmus semiflavus Attems, 1944 (original description)
Haplochiropus Attems, 1944 (original description)
Haplochiropus pustulosus (Attems, 1944) (original description)
Leptodesmus badioniger Attems, 1944 (original description)
Leptodesmus badius Attems, 1944 (original description)
Leptodesmus serranus Attems, 1944 accepted as Eucampesmella serrana (Attems, 1944) (original description)
Leptodesmus unciger Attems, 1944 accepted as Leptodesmus broelemanni Attems, 1931 (original description)
Melaphe corrupta Attems, 1944 (original description)
Neoleptodesmus josefinus Attems, 1944 (original description)
Orthomorpha fimbriata Attems, 1944 accepted as Cawjeekelia fimbriata (Attems, 1944) (original description)
Pagioprium millequingentesimum Attems, 1944 accepted as Umbridesmus millequingentesimum (Attems, 1944) (original description)
Philocaffrus conjungens Attems, 1944 (original description)
Phygoxerotes crinitus Attems, 1944 accepted as Hemiphygoxerotes crinitus (Attems, 1944) (original description)
Platytarropus serratus Attems, 1944 (original description)
Podochresimus unistolonus Attems, 1944 (original description)
Protaphelidesmus levigatus Attems, 1944 accepted as Varyomus levigatus (Attems, 1944) (original description)
Scolopopleura coriaceus Attems, 1944 accepted as Lyodesmus coriaceus (Attems, 1944) (original description)
Sundanina pumila Attems, 1944 accepted as Dasypharkis pumila (Attems, 1944) (original description)
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