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Brandt, J. F. (1833). Tentaminum quorundam monographicorum Insecta Myriapoda Chilognathi Latreillii spectantium prodromus. Bulletin de la Societé Impériale des Naturalistes de Moscou, 6: 194-209. Moscow
Brandt, J. F.
Tentaminum quorundam monographicorum Insecta Myriapoda Chilognathi Latreillii spectantium prodromus
Bulletin de la Societé Impériale des Naturalistes de Moscou
6: 194-209. Moscow
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Armadillinae Brandt, 1833 accepted as Glomeridae Leach, 1815 (original description)
Brachyiulus pusillus (Leach, 1815) (additional source)
Callipus foetidissimus (Savi, 1819) (additional source)
Callipus rissonius Leach, 1826 (additional source)
Craspedosoma polydesmoides Leach, 1814 accepted as Nanogona polydesmoides (Leach, 1814) (additional source)
Cylindroiulus punctatus Leach, 1814 (additional source)
Glomerida (original description)
Glomeris annulata Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Glomeris castaneus Risso, 1826 accepted as Onychoglomeris castaneus (Risso, 1826) accepted as Onychoglomeris castanea (Risso, 1826) (additional source)
Glomeris europaea annulata Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Glomeris guttata Risso, 1826 (additional source)
Glomeris hexasticha Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Glomeris klugii Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Glomeris lepida Eichwald, 1830 (additional source)
Glomeris marginata Leach, 1817 accepted as Glomeris marginata (Villers, 1789) (additional source)
Glomeris marmorata Brandt, 1833 accepted as Glomeris klugii Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Glomeris quadripunctata Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Glomeris tetrasticha Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Iulus carnifex Fabricius, 1775 accepted as Xenobolus carnifex (Fabricius, 1775) (additional source)
Iulus varius Fabricius, 1781 accepted as Pachyiulus varius (Fabricius, 1781) (additional source)
Julida (original description)
Julus aimatopodus Risso, 1826 accepted as Ommatoiulus sabulosus (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Julus annulatus Risso, 1826 (additional source)
Julus complanatus Linnaeus, 1761 accepted as Polydesmus complanatus (Linnaeus, 1761) (additional source)
Julus crassus Linnaeus, 1758 (additional source)
Julus foetidissimus Savi, 1819 accepted as Silvestria foetidissimus (Savi, 1819) (additional source)
Julus fuscus Linnaeus, 1758 (additional source)
Julus lagurus Linnaeus, 1758 accepted as Polyxenus lagurus (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Julus londinensis Leach, 1814 (additional source)
Julus maximus Linnaeus, 1758 (additional source)
Julus modestus Risso, 1826 (additional source)
Julus niger Leach, 1814 accepted as Tachypodoiulus niger (Leach, 1814) (additional source)
Julus piceus Risso, 1826 accepted as Leptoiulus piceus (Risso, 1826) (additional source)
Julus pulchellus Leach, 1814 (additional source)
Julus pusillus Leach, 1815 accepted as Brachyiulus pusillus (Leach, 1815) (additional source)
Julus rupestris Linnaeus (additional source)
Julus sabulosus Linnaeus, 1758 accepted as Palaioiulus sabulosus (Linnaeus, 1758) accepted as Ommatoiulus sabulosus (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Julus terrestris Linnaeus, 1758 (additional source)
Lophodesmus petrinus Hoffman, 1976 (original description)
Ommatoiulus sabulosus (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Pachyiulus communis Savi, 1817 (additional source)
Pentazonia (basis of record)
Pentazonia (original description)
Polydesmus depressus Fabricius, 1775 (additional source)
Polydesmus lateralis Eschscholtz, 1823 accepted as Polydesmus lateralis (Eschscholtz, 1823) (additional source)
Polydesmus rugulosus Eschscholtz, 1823 (additional source)
Polydesmus stigma Fabricius, 1775 (additional source)
Polydesmus tridentatus Fabricius, 1775 (additional source)
Sphaeropoeus Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Sphaeropoeus hercules Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Sphaeropoeus insignis Brandt, 1833 accepted as Castanotherium insigne (Brandt, 1833) (original description)
Sphaerotheriida (original description)
Sphaerotherium Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Sphaerotherium compressum Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Sphaerotherium elongatum Brandt, 1833 accepted as Sphaerotherium elongatum (Brandt, 1833) (original description)
Sphaerotherium lichtensteinii Brandt, 1833 accepted as Sphaerotherium lichtensteinii (Brandt, 1833) (original description)
Sphaerotherium punctatum Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Sphaerotherium rotundatum Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Spirobolida (original description)
Spirobolidea (original description)
Spirobolus Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Spirobolus bungii Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Spirobolus olfersii Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Spirocyclistus Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Spirocyclistus acutangulus Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Spiropoeus Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Spiropoeus fischeri Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Spirostreptida (original description)
Spirostreptus Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Spirostreptus audouini Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Spirostreptus sebae Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Stenopleuromeris pustulata Latreille, 1804 (additional source)
Strongylosoma Brandt, 1833 (original description)
Strongylosoma iuloides Brandt, 1833 (original description)
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