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Kraus, O. (1960). Myriapoden aus Peru, IX. Senckenbergiana biologica, 41(3-4): 241-264. Frankfurt am Main
Kraus, O.
Myriapoden aus Peru, IX
Senckenbergiana biologica
41(3-4): 241-264. Frankfurt am Main
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Agnurodesmus pastazius Kraus, 1960 (original description)
Brachycerodesmus oxapampaensis Kraus, 1960 accepted as Brachycerodesmus oxapampaensis (Kraus, 1960) (original description)
Brachycerodesmus tarmaensis Kraus, 1959 accepted as Brachycerodesmus tarmaensis (Kraus, 1959) (additional source)
Brasilostreptus schalleri Kraus, 1960 accepted as Anethoporus schalleri (Kraus, 1960) (original description)
Catharosoma alticola Attems, 1931 accepted as Iulidesmus alticola (Attems, 1931) (additional source)
Esperanzella Kraus, 1960 (original description)
Esperanzella polydesmoides Kraus, 1960 (original description)
Giustoella Kraus, 1960 (original description)
Giustoella crypta Kraus, 1960 (original description)
Giustoella minutissima Kraus, 1960 (original description)
Julus latestriatus Curtis, 1845 accepted as Cylindroiulus latestriatus (Curtis, 1845) (additional source)
Loretosia Kraus, 1960 (original description)
Loretosia clavigera Kraus, 1960 (original description)
Mestosoma orobia Kraus, 1960 (original description)
Mestosoma orobius Kraus, 1960 accepted as Iulidesmus orobius (Kraus, 1960) (original description)
Muyudesmus Kraus, 1960 (original description)
Muyudesmus insularis Kraus, 1960 accepted as Poratia insularis (Kraus, 1960) (original description)
Muyudesmus obliteratus Kraus, 1960 accepted as Poratia obliterata (Kraus, 1960) (original description)
Oncodesmella rostralis Kraus, 1959 (additional source)
Oncodesmoides bicarinatus Kraus, 1960 accepted as Cyrtodesmus bicarinatus (Kraus, 1960) (original description)
Oncodesmoides pustuliferus Kraus, 1960 accepted as Oncodesmus pustuliferus (Kraus, 1960) (original description)
Oncodesmoides yamaquizu Kraus, 1960 accepted as Cyrtodesmus yamaquizu (Kraus, 1960) (original description)
Oncodesmus pustuliferus (Kraus, 1960) (original description)
Oxypyge tingomariae Kraus, 1957 (additional source)
Pastazidia Kraus, 1960 (original description)
Pastazidia monotypica Kraus, 1960 (original description)
Perucricus iquitosensis Kraus, 1960 (original description)
Phylacomerium esperanza Kraus, 1960 (original description)
Platyrhacus socius Chamberlin, 1941 accepted as Barydesmus socius (Chamberlin, 1941) (additional source)
Porcullosoma connectens Kraus, 1960 accepted as Ergethus connectens (Kraus, 1960) (original description)
Rhinocricus paucartambus Kraus, 1956 (additional source)
Siphonophora monzonica Kraus, 1960 (original description)
Taulidesmella chanchamayo elatior Kraus, 1960 accepted as Taulidesmus chanchamayo elatior (Kraus, 1960) (original description)
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